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Legal Case Studies From The Keaney Law Firm

Below are examples of the legal services and support that we’ve provided to clients.

Case Study #1: License Defense For A Nurse In Oregon

Legal Situation: We represented a nurse in Oregon who had been charged with using the nurse’s position for personal gain. The nurse had lent money to a patient who didn’t have a place to stay. In return, the nurse asked the patient to repay the loan when the patient could. The nurse also accepted a small amount of jewelry from the patient, as collateral on the loan. We provided legal services for the nurse after the nurse was investigated by the state of Oregon and Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN) about a possible nursing license violation.

Successful Result: The state and OSBN eventually dismissed the charges because no advantage was taken of the patient, the nurse had been well-motivated and had acted out of concern for the patient, and the nurse hadn’t profited from the transaction.

Case Study #2: Employee Discrimination / Whistleblowing

Legal Situation: We represented a nurse in Oregon who had reported that a fellow nurse had been practicing without a current nursing license and been subsequently fired.

Successful Result: Reporting to the employer that a nurse had been working without a valid license (a violation of the Oregon Nurse Practice Act) is a protected activity under the Oregon Whistleblower’s Law. After a jury trial, the nurse was awarded $195,000 in wages, non-economic damages, and punitive damages.

Case Study #3: Severance Negotiations For An Executive

Legal Situation: We represented the CEO of a corporation after the company and CEO agreed that it would be best if the CEO left the company.

Successful Result: In an atmosphere free of accusations and recrimination, we were able to work with the company’s corporate attorneys to achieve a severance settlement package that was acceptable to both sides.

Case Study #4: Non-Compete Agreement Dispute

Legal Situation: We represented an employee who left a corporation to take another position and was subsequently sent a letter by his former employer, stating that he was in violation of his non-compete agreement. Because of the threat of legal action, the employee was worried that his new employer might fire him.

Successful Result: We were able to convince the attorney for the former employer that there was no violation of the non-compete agreement and that if the company didn’t cease and desist, it could become liable itself for interference with an economic relationship. This put the matter to rest, and no further action was taken.

Case Study #5: State Personnel Relations Law

Legal Situation: We represented an employee in management who worked for the state of Oregon and was threatened with dismissal for allegedly harassing employees.

Successful Result: We were able to assert, among other things, that the employee had been subjected to discriminatory treatment because the behavior she had been accused of was the same kind of behavior used by other supervisors who weren’t disciplined. A settlement was reached which allowed the employee to retain a position in management.

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