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Non-Compete Agreements

The knowledge and experience that you’ve gained over your career, the relationships you’ve built up and nurtured over time, the proprietary intellectual property that only you possess…that’s what you’re potentially limiting the instant you sign a non-compete!

Non-compete agreements are nothing to take lightly! These legal agreements can restrict your future employment opportunities, your earning potential, and your career!

A typical non-compete agreement limits your ability to work for competitors, for a defined period of time, within a defined geographical area. While that might seem straightforward enough, and something you don’t necessarily need a lawyer to assist you in negotiating, non-competes can become life-changing legal agreements, with lasting consequences.

Kevin Keaney, a practicing attorney for more than 28 years, has extensive experience in employment law, including non-compete agreements.

Our non-compete agreement legal services include:

  • drafting non-compete agreements
  • reviewing non-compete agreements
  • negotiating the terms of non-compete agreements
  • evaluating the enforceability of non-compete agreements

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Please note: Our law office is in Portland Oregon, and in addition to non-compete agreements, we also help employees negotiate severance agreements.

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