License Defense For Physical Therapists

Physical Therapist License Defense

If you have questions about your physical therapist license or need help defending it, call for a free consult with a lawyer, (503) 232-9280.

If you're a physical therapist who has been contacted by the Oregon Physical Therapist Licensing Board about a potential license violation, we can help you.

One of the primary focuses of our law practice is to help healthcare professionals, including physical therapists, defend their licenses.

Once someone files a complaint with the Physical Therapist Licensing Board, the board opens an investigation to determine whether the physical therapist has violated any laws and rules that apply to physical therapy practice.

Whether there’s merit to the complaint is immaterial. The mere filing of an allegation brings forth a process that can be daunting, and which can have long-term implications for your physical therapy career.

The most common allegations against physical therapists and physical therapist assistants include:

  • practicing physical therapy without a current license
  • failure to meet continuing education requirements
  • practicing outside the scope of practice
  • inadequate treatment
  • incompetent treatment
  • misconduct

If the Physical Therapist Licensing Board determines that a violation has occurred, disciplinary sanctions can include: reprimand, probation, financial penalty, license restrictions, license suspension, and/or license revocation.

We can help you through the entire license defense process, however deep it goes. From allegation to investigation, disciplinary action proceedings to hearings, final order to appeal – we’ll be with you the entire way.

If you have more questions about the process of defending your physical therapist license, please call (503) 232-9280 or e-mail

Note:  Our law firm provides legal services for physical therapists in Oregon, Washington, and Texas.

Please note: Kevin Keaney provides legal help for nurses in Texas who need to defend their professional licenses, as well as physical therapists and other healthcare professionals.

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