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Medical License Defense

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If you are a physician who has been contacted by the licensing board about a potential medical license violation, we can help!

Even if the complaint or alleged violation seems minor, it can lead to major consequences, including long-term negative impacts on your medical practice, career, and earning potential.

Once the board receives a complaint (which can come from anyone), it opens an investigation, which can take months, or even more than a year. If the board determines that you have violated the Medical Practice Act, it can impose a variety of sanctions including:

  • letter of concern
  • corrective action agreement (CAA)
  • stipulated order
  • license suspension
  • license revocation

Even at the lower end of the disciplinary actions the board can take, some of these sanctions are reported to national databanks, which means that the violation could follow you around throughout your medical career.

We can assist throughout the entire process, which can be both complex and draining. We can provide legal services through the investigation and help negotiate the most reasonable settlement, if disciplinary action can’t be avoided.

The most common types of medical license violations include these:

  • quality of care (substandard care, inappropriate care, or negligent care)
  • substance abuse (alcohol or drugs)
  • inappropriate prescribing of drugs or treatments
  • inappropriate relationships with patients or their family members
  • inappropriate boundaries
  • fraud, theft, or dishonesty
  • falsification of patient records or other documents
  • conviction of a crime

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