License Defense For Social Workers

Social Worker License Defense

If you have questions about your social worker license or need help defending it, please call for a free legal consultation, (503) 232-9280.

If you've been contacted by the Oregon Board of Licensed Social Workers about a complaint that’s been filed against you, please call our law office immediately.

Once the board completes an investigation of a complaint, the Consumer Protection Committee (CPC) of the board determines how the case will be resolved. The final resolution could range from dismissal or closure of the complaint to license suspension or revocation.

What might seem like a simple matter, something you can handle yourself, can quickly turn into a legal quagmire, with potentially long-range consequences, including the loss of your social worker license.

Common complaints against social workers include:

  • misconduct
  • ethical violations
  • boundary violations
  • client confidentiality violations
  • dual relationships
  • conflicts of interest
  • termination of services
  • informed consent violations (for services and release of information)

If you have any questions about the process of defending your social worker license, please call (503) 232-9280 or e-mail

Please note: We provide legal help for social workers in Oregon, Washington, and Texas.

Note: Kevin Keaney provides legal help for nurses in Texas who need to defend their professional licenses, as well as social workers and other healthcare professionals.

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