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State Personnel Relations Law ~ Oregon

If you’re employed by the state of Oregon in a managerial position, you have rights under the Oregon State Personnel Relations Law.

However, the State Personnel Relations Law process is complicated, which may make it difficult for most people to get a positive outcome without the help of an experienced employment lawyer.

If you’ve been fired, removed from management service, or otherwise disciplined, we can help!

Kevin Keaney has extensive experience with State Personnel Relations Law, and we can help you through every step of the legal process, including:

  • representing you at investigatory interviews and hearings
  • negotiating with the state and its attorneys, even before disciplinary action has been imposed
  • filing an appeal, if disciplinary action is imposed

For more information on your rights under the State Personnel Relations Law, or to schedule a free legal consultation, please call our law office, (503) 232-9280, or e-mail

Please note: Keaney Law firm is located in Portland, Oregon, and Kevin Keaney (attorney and owner) has more than 28 years experience.

State Personnel Relations Law Portland Oregon


Mr. Keaney did an amazing job with my case and got me my job back.

As a manager with the State of Oregon for seven years, I was completely dumbfounded when my new boss told me I was being placed on administrative leave pending an investigation, and that I also did not have the regular appeal rights granted to management service employees.

Mr. Keaney was not swayed by scare tactics, trusted my input and interpretation of accusations, and diligently disproved or lightened their severity.  Mr. Keaney was both highly skilled at understanding the management service appeal process and also knowledgeable of the complex and varying State of Oregon processes and systems.

In the unfortunate case you need an employment attorney, I highly recommend Mr. Keaney for the best outcome possible.